Bishop Barron is back from the Philippines and catches us up on what’s been going on, including his recent interfaith dialogue event on Pope Francis and the environment. He also reflects on why so many Evangelicals are drawn to the Pope, and takes a question from a listener wondering how God could allow natural evils such as tsunamis, earthquakes, and animal violence.

Topics Discussed

  • 0:19 – Recap of Bishop Barron’s trip to the Philippines
  • 2:36 – Interfaith dialogue about Pope Francis’ latest encyclical
  • 9:45 – Reading Laudato Si’ in light of Genesis
  • 13:35 – How did the other religious leaders react to Bishop Barron’s talk?
  • 17:10 – What is today’s greatest moral problem?
  • 19:51 – Why is Pope Francis so attractive to Evangelical Christians?
  • 22:23 – Pope Francis and evangelical urgency
  • 24:51 – Question from listener: why does God allow natural evils?

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3 comments on “WOF 009: Pope Francis, Evangelicals, and the Environment

  1. Marie Lilia *Star* Lee Feb 12, 2016

    PraiseGOD! Your Excellency, weI Thank GOD for you and with you! Thank you so very much for Sharing with us GODs’ WORD. Please Pray for me, for us especially for the five young ladies, Donna (I call her Dawn), Lolit, Mary Grace, Romelyn & Robie. The last 4 are graduates from the schooĺ of The Sisters of Mary founded by Venerable Msgr Aloysius Schwartz. They are 19 & 20 yrs of age working in factories of garment export in MEPZ. I am with The Lector Ministry in my Parish, The Sacred Heart of JESUS Parish in Mactan, Lapulapu City since 1992. I am also with the same Ministry of the WORD in The National Shrine of St. Joseph where we go for HOLY MASS everyday since 2001 when my dearest Mom was still alive. I met Lolit in 2014 and invited her to join me in The Ministry (though not formally organized but to help since I felt GOD asking me to Do Something, To Truely Reverence CHRIST in The HOLY MASS, IN THE HOLY EUCHARIST

  2. Edward Mendez Mar 22, 2016

    Brandon, I listened to this podcast, and I was especially intrigued in the response to the question posed to Bishop Barron at the end. Bishop Barron referenced John Polkinghorne and the free process defense. I looked up John Polkinghorne online, and noticed several books of his, is there one in particular that focuses or encompasses the free process defense the best?

    • Hey, Edward! Great question. Check out Polkinghorne’s book, “Science and Providence: God’s Interaction with the World” (Philadelphia: Templeton Foundation Press, 2005).