Joel and Ethan Coen, more famously known as the Coen brothers, are arguably the greatest filmmakers of our time. They’ve been nominated for 13 academy awards, won four, and have garnered praise from many of the world’s most influential people. In this episode of the Word On Fire Show, Bishop Barron illuminates the Biblical motifs present in some of the Coen brothers’ most celebrated films. The listener question asks about God’s providence in relation to coincidence.

Topics Discussed

  • 0:17  – Introduction, Bishop’s Channel Island Mass.
  • 1:38 – What makes the Coen Brothers so unique?
  • 3:45 –  What are the spiritual themes in Fargo? (spoiler alert)
  • 11:16 -What are the spiritual themes in No Country for Old Men and how does it relate to Fargo? (spoiler alert)
  • 17:28 -What are the spiritual themes in True Grit? (spoiler alert)
  • 24:45 – Question from listener: What is the difference between coincidence and God’s providence?

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3 comments on “WOF 075: The Spiritually Alert Coen Brothers

  1. Shaun Pridmore May 16, 2017

    No “Inside Llewyn Davis”?

  2. Mike Higgins Jun 7, 2017

    The Word on Fire WOF 075 The Spiritually Alert Coen Brothers. I don’t know why it matters, but just a point of clarification. While the moved was titled Fargo, the vast majority of it takes place in, and most of the characters are from Minnesota, So it is not a North Dakota accent, but a Minnesota accent.

    Thanks for the entertainment and enlightenment.
    Mike, an Iowan currently living in North Dakota

  3. Steve Nov 8, 2017

    Great episode! Didn’t realize the symbolism in True Grit.