What is faith exactly? How do faith and reason coexist? How do we grow in power and freedom when we surrender to an almighty God? Where does philosophy fit into Catholic theology? What is the foundation for Catholic reasoning? Bishop Robert Barron addresses these questions and more at Duke University’s Goodson Chapel in an event hosted by the Duke Catholic Center.

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One comment on “WOF 044: Faithful and Intelligent? (Part 2 of 2)

  1. Cecilia Oct 19, 2016

    Peace be with you. The second part of Faithful and Intelligent is what we must share with our children and youth. With all, to keep His message of Joy, Love and Hope alive. Once they realize the reason one must attend Mass and the meaning of it, they fall in love with Our Lord Jesus and they hardly miss attending. In addition, as a catechist sharing Jesus’ life in each mystery of the Rosary, students love learning about Our Blessed Mother Mary. One of my questions to them is what would have happened if Mother Maria, Lupita had said no to God? There is couple of my former students that attend every Sunday.
    Thank you Bishop Barron for your teachings, God has given to you a gift that helps us understand and share His message in todays complicated world.