How should we go about evangelization? Especially for those of us living in a highly-secularized society, what techniques should we employ and what pitfalls ought we avoid? Bishop Robert Barron shares his advice in Part Two of his popular keynote talk on evangelizing the culture.

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9 comments on “WOF 033: How to Evangelize the Culture (2 of 2)

  1. Such richness! So obvious that the world has lost its way regarding the brilliance of Catholic scholarship. Bravo, Bishop Barron!

  2. Mary lynch Jul 27, 2016

    Thank you very much dear Bishop Robert for your inspiring paper. Excellent as always. May God keep on blessing you as you do His work.

  3. Peter P. Russo Jul 27, 2016

    Bishop Barron: I am wondering if you are aware of the ALPHA program as a tool of evangelization. It was started some time ago in the Anglican Church (Holy Trinity Brompton in London) and has spread throughout the Christian world, including the Catholic Church. (In the new ALPHA film series, Pope Francis, Bishop Schonbruenn, and Fr. Cantalamessa are interviewed.) Additionally, I also wonder if you are aware of the book, “Divine Renovation,” by Fr. James Mallon which details his efforts to move his parish (St. Benedict’s, Halifax, Nova Scotia) from maintenance to mission, in which he describes ALPHA as “foundational” to his parish’s remarkable turnaround. We offered ALPHA this past winter in our parish (Christ the King, Concord, NH) and were amazed at the impact it had on our “guests,” many of whom were “pew potatoes.” We intend to continue offering ALPHA to parishioners and outsiders and to follow Fr. Mallon’s model in order to form “missionary disciples.” Any thoughts? Thank you.

    • Margaret Knight Jul 27, 2016

      As a person who return to the Church I felt a bit lost and could have done with some support as I didn’t know any Catholics I was lucky to find a Jesuits pray group but not in my own parishIoners found out about it on a day retreat . There could be some instruction when returning to the Church. For people like myself that left for nearly twenty years.

    • Anita Sep 10, 2018

      We here at our Catholic Church in Illinois also await your response, Bishop Barron It seems like a good start, but your planned Movement is SO much more attractive…..

  4. Tomás Baviera Jul 29, 2016

    Wonderful lecture. Thank you so much for sharing these suggestive and profound ideas.
    God bless you, Bishop Barron!

  5. Jane Margavio Aug 6, 2016

    I really enjoy listening to archbishop Robert Barren
    He always had something interesting to say about my Catholic faith

  6. Jane Margavio Aug 6, 2016


  7. Mary Ellen gilboy Feb 2, 2019

    Does bishop recommend any alpha program?