Pope Francis recently invited Bishop Barron to speak to hundreds of English-speaking priests at a gathering in Rome for the Jubilee Year of Mercy. In today’s episode, Bishop Barron reflects on the talk he shared with his fellow clergymen about Jesus’ encounter with the woman at the well. From this account in John’s gospel, the bishop distills for us four major lessons on the divine mercy. The listener question comes from a practicing Catholic in London who seeks a response to the argument that pursuing a vigorous spiritual life is unnecessary if we are ultimately reconciled to God.

Topics Discussed

  • 0:17  – Bishop Barron goes to Rome to talk about divine mercy
  • 3:03 – How is God’s mercy relentless?
  • 5:28 – How does the story of The Woman at the Well dismantle religious mythology?
  • 8:01 – How is God’s mercy divinizing?
  • 11:40 – Connections to Marriage and the Old Testament
  • 13:14 – What does “God became man that man might become God” actually mean?
  • 16:11 – How is God’s mercy demanding?
  • 20:01 – The Vibrant Paradox of Extreme Demand and Extreme Mercy
  • 22:34 – How is God’s mercy a summons to mission?
  • 25:30 – The Highest Life is a summons to Mission
  • 26:42 – Question from listener: Why bother engaging in the spiritual life?

Bonus Resources


Find bonus links and resources for this episode at http://WordOnFireShow.com and be sure to submit your questions at http://AskBishopBarron.

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5 comments on “WOF 029: What God’s Mercy Really Entails

  1. Sandra Kerth Jun 30, 2016

    Such a great message, shared by Bishop Barron, great clarification on the message of mercy.

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  5. Giovanni Quiroz Jun 16, 2021


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    Anyways: I was dating a Lutheran girl and i loved her so much at that time BUT if i remember correctly, i broke up with my ex girlfriend because of some really important silly reasons. The reasons were:
    (1) She was not Catholic, she is a Lutheran.
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    (7) i didn’t get a response from her on messenger/Facebook. i just simply got blocked from her account
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    i’m currently in the process of my Severe-TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) recovery. I know it’s a LOOOOOOONNNG process of recovery but with the help of our Lord Jesus Christ, i’ll get through this breakup and break from school i’ve been taking since 2014. Sorry about the delay but My question to you is: IS IT OKAY IF A CATHOLIC MAN MARRIES A NON CATHOLIC GIRL? AND THEN I’LL PRAY TO THE HOLY SPIRIT FOR THE CONVERSION OF MY GIRLFRIEND, BEST FRIEND, WIFE INTO OUR CATHOLIC RELIGION?