What is Catholic social teaching and what does it have to say about the economy, business, and our everyday work lives? That’s what Bishop Barron explains in this episode. Surveying the insights of popes and saints, he shows why the Catholic Church rejects socialism and embraces a nuanced, careful endorsement of the market economy.

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4 comments on “WOF 027: Popes, Saints, and the Economy

  1. Jenny Jun 14, 2016

    What a great idea for a show, especially with the upcoming U.S. election! Fantastic, well-said information presented yet again. Thank you for all the great work you do.

  2. Ervin Miller Jun 14, 2016


  3. Ruth Sunday Jun 15, 2016

    Although I don’t understand all the meanings in your writings, I benefit by your motivation and hard work. I’m happy being a Catholic not because who I am, but because of many good pastors and Sisters. They gave me hope for the life in this world. It’s no longer dark, but getting brighter every day.

  4. Rachida C.Faille Jun 17, 2016

    Once more, excellent! When will this talk be produced as a DVD and be published for sale.
    Will the references be a part of the publication. How can we get the Encyclicals or Exhortations which were used as references..
    Thanks for all the great work you have done and are doing. I use them frequently with the adults in the parish.