Venerable Fulton Sheen is remembered as one of the greatest Catholic evangelists of the twentieth century. A master of both television and radio, he shared the Gospel with millions using his unique blend of wit, humor, and insight. Bishop Barron reflects on Sheen’s legacy and the lessons he offers us. A deacon listener asks how Bishop Barron prepares his own homilies each week.

Topics Discussed

  • 0:56  – Bishop Barron’s summary of the New Evangelization Conference in Latrobe, PA
  • 1:45 – Who was Archbishop Fulton Sheen?
  • 4:54 –  One thing we must do before we evangelize
  • 6:42 – The significance of a Catholic priest on primetime, network TV
  • 8:47 –  How Sheen reached 30 million viewers through his TV show
  • 11:02 – Sheen’s strategy for evangelizing a broad audience
  • 13:05 – Would Fulton Sheen be on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram?
  • 14:32 – The importance of Sheen’s book, The Mystical Body of Christ
  • 17:29 – The common thread connecting Ronald Knox, G.K. Chesterton, and Fulton Sheen
  • 18:26 – How Sheen’s “Holy Hour” grounded all his writing and preaching
  • 20:40 – Sheen’s commitment to do a “Holy Hour” every day during his priesthood
  • 22:42 – Bishop Barron’s experience giving the “Tre Ore” talks at St. Patrick’s Cathedral
  • 24:38 – Question from listener: How does Bishop Barron prepare his homilies?

Bonus Resources

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4 comments on “WOF 026: Fulton Sheen, Apostle of the New Media

  1. Elizabeth Ricci Jun 9, 2016

    Watched Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen on black and white TV. Loved the angel who erased the board – and Archbishop Sheen always wrote on the top of the blackboard JMJ representing Jesu, Mary, and Joseph.
    Have many paperback books of Archbishop Fulton Sheen

  2. Racheal Jun 10, 2016

    I am so glad Bishop Barron that you decided to devote a full show to Bishop Sheen. I remember when I made the comment to you that you were like him in some ways to which your response can only be said to be full of trepidation. Of course I did not understand what you meant, that perhaps I had not studied about Bishop Sheen’s past as much as you had, but I am glad it did not stop you from commenting on him at length in this WOF show.

  3. Josephine Kam Jun 29, 2016

    It’s about a Holy Hour daily. Since my friend handled me a book named ” Loving Jesus with the Heart of Mary” by Fr. Martin Lucia in February this year when I visited him in New Jersey, I started my holy hour daily. It is so effective – I feel more joy and peace that I never experienced before. Also, Bishop Barron’s advice that Holy Spirit won’t come unless I call. Oh.. this is the first time I know it for my 50 years being a Catholic. Thank you. Josephine

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