There’s a common tendency to read the opening chapters of Genesis as scientific texts. But is this the best way? Or even the right way? Bishop Barron offers guidance on how to properly understand the Biblical creation story. A listener wonders how we should manage the relationship between Church and state.

Topics Discussed

  • 1:05 – The most surprising part about being a bishop
  • 2:29 – How do people often misread Genesis?
  • 5:01 – Why the Genesis narratives cannot be scientific
  • 6:23 – What genre is Genesis 1-2?
  • 7:43 – The main theological insights in Genesis 1-2
  • 9:41 – How Genesis 1-2 points forward to the non-violence of Jesus
  • 11:29 – The objects of creation are not worshiped
  • 14:39 – Why it’s important that the world is created, not divine
  • 16:49 – What it means that man was made in God’s “image and likeness”
  • 18:25 – The first man as the first philosopher
  • 20:24 – How the Church Fathers read Genesis
  • 21:58 – What Genesis 1-2 is ultimately trying to teach us
  • 23:16 – Question from listener: how do we balance the relationship between Church and state?

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12 comments on “WOF 023: The Right Way to Read Genesis

  1. Michael Baglio May 19, 2016

    Thank you Bishop for this video, it gives a very good key for reading Genesis. While I agree with all that you said I still have the question of why the Fall happened. God created all of things and had the knowledge of Good and Evil, this I understand from the command He gave NOT to eat the fruit of the tree. However He put it there to reflect Himself in His creation. So Adam was created in His image, does it mean that Adam was meant to seek the knowledge of Good and evil to be a true reflection of His image?
    Oh necessary fault of Adam…..
    Perhaps it was God’s intention for this to happen in order for the second person to reveal Himself and bring a complete Communion between Man and God. After all Jesus referred to Himself as the Son of Man because He intended for us to be co-heirs of His creation.
    Can this be the reason why He allows evil to still be in the world?
    And so the final question, disturbing as it surely is.
    Did He create evil?
    I mean without our sins we would have no Mercy and Grace.
    Yours in Christ.

  2. At last, somnoee who comes to the heart of it all

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  11. Michael Greenan Oct 7, 2017

    Thanks Bishop. I have a follow-up question.

    1. The Church says that the Adam and Eve story is basically theological poetry and not meant to be taken literally.

    2. The Church also says that Original Sin is an historical event that literally happened at a definitive time in human history.

    Therefore, if Adam and Eve are poetical figures, WHEN and HOW did Original Sin actually happen?

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