How did God use a little-known seminary professor to launch a worldwide evangelization ministry? Bishop Barron shares the story behind his Word on Fire ministry, including the many twists and turns along the way. A Protestant listener who is interested in Catholicism asks for some good book recommendations.

Topics Discussed

  • 1:14 – Bishop Barron’s education at CUA and the Institut Catholique de Paris
  • 5:00 –  Cardinal George’s influence on Word on Fire
  • 6:39 – How do we “evangelize the culture”?
  • 8:13 – Early homilies on the radio and Internet
  • 10:19 – Bishop Barron posts first video on YouTube
  • 13:38 – Reaching people online who would never enter a church
  • 16:32 – Where did the idea for the CATHOLICISM series come from?
  • 21:31 – How the CATHOLICISM series aired on PBS
  • 23:22 – The new follow-up film series, CATHOLICISM: The Pivotal Players
  • 25:28 – The influence of Mother Angelica on Bishop Barron’s work
  • 27:50 – Question from listener: what are some good books for someone curious about Catholicism?

Bonus Resources Through the Years

WOF-2001 circa 2001


WOF-2005 circa 2005


WOF-2010 circa 2010


WOF-2016 circa 2016

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4 comments on “WOF 018: The Story of Word on Fire

  1. Kim Soileau Apr 13, 2016

    Thank you, Bishop Barron! I am compared to a grain of sand on the largest beach, listening to your Word on Fire. You are an inspiration to me & many thousands of Catholics ( and Christians) who love, love, your way of evangelizing the word of Our Lord! You never cease to amaze this little Cajun Catholic girl who follows you from La. Good luck on you next venture, whatever or wherever your path leads! I will continue listening & learning. Prayers & God’s blessings for your future.

  2. Carlotta Flores Apr 15, 2016

    Good Morning!
    I’m so excited everyday to listen to your homilies, commentaries, and everything Bishop Barron talks about. You are enlighting us on the the Word of God to say the least. Thank you for for all your efforts in bringing all these materials to us, we are thirsty souls that need a lift me up (the silver lining) of our beautiful religion Catholicism. Thank you so much May God bless you All!

  3. James Morgan May 6, 2016

    Bishop Brandon & Brandon,

    It was great to finally get a little background on Word on Fire. As an LCMS Lutheran I have been listening, watching and reading all the posts since I first found out about it. From my view of things, the way Word on Fire approaches getting the word out about the claims of faith and of the Catholic Church is exactly how it should be done. You’re unabashedly Catholic but you present it in a way that focuses on Christ and His grace – the very thing that all of us sinful creatures need. Too many sites, whether they be Catholic, Reformed, Lutheran, or broadly Evangelical, lead with things that would not attract the average person. They tend to be too in-house and only those who are part of their group will invest any time in it. So, from someone who is not (yet) a Catholic, you are doing it right. I always look forward to finding out Bishop Barron’s take on the crucial issues, movies, books, etc. of our day as well as helping me to better understand Catholicism. And, please, more Aquinas!

    • James Morgan May 6, 2016

      Apologies, of course I meant Bishop Barron & Brandon.