Recently, Bishop Barron watched several YouTube conversations between Sam Harris, a well-known atheist, and Dr. Jordan Peterson, one of today’s most prominent and beguiling intellectuals today. We’ve talked in past episodes about Dr. Peterson’s reliance on Carl Jung, and his archetypal reading of the Bible, but today we explore Dr. Peterson’s similarities to Immanuel Kant, especially when it comes to the question of God. A listener asks why a Hindu should become Christian if Hinduism seems to have a more peaceful history.

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4 comments on “WOF 167: Jordan Peterson’s Next Step

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  2. Michael Greenan Mar 1, 2019

    If God is just an abstract moral principle in the Kantian way, to hell with it, because then religion is just a tool used to control me rather than a force used to liberate me. It’s all or nothing.

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