In this episode, Bishop Barron discusses a recent New York Times article by David Brooks titled “The Morality of Selfism: The Gospel of Saint You.” It’s a tongue-in-cheek affirmation of a culture that puts tremendous emphasis on self, self-care, and self-display. Bishop Barron explores some of the dangerous outcomes of such a culture. A listener asks whether it’s helpful or troubling that the Catholic tradition includes so many definitions of God.

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3 comments on “WOF 165: The Gospel of Saint You

  1. Joe Blanck Feb 17, 2019

    Is it possible to obtain a transcript of episode 165?

  2. I wonder if the email icon at the end of each podcast could include the URL for that podcast so that I would send it to my friend or friends with the details included?
    Also in Ireland the attribute “awesome” is seldom used except in a mocking sense. So I would prefer the email to simply say “check out this podcast”

  3. Janet Dant Mar 9, 2019

    Thank you! I’m definitely sharing this.