Bishop Barron takes listener questions from all over the world, including:

  • What are examples of popular films that convey the Gospel without being preachy or poorly produced?
  • Which beings have souls, and where do we draw the line?
  • If prayer doesn’t change God’s mind, then when we get what we pray for, would we have gotten it anyways?
  • How can laypeople encourage priests to do more evangelization?
  • Since there’s no time in heaven, when I die, will the rest of my family already be there even if they’re not dead yet?
  • How do you defend the faith through social media when so few people are willing to engage serious arguments?
  • How can Catholic laypeople determine which Church leaders to follow and imitate?
  • Are we at a spiritual disadvantage without deep friendships in our lives? Are there any virtues of loneliness?

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4 comments on “WOF 163: International Q&A w/ Bishop Barron

  1. Someone wanted to share a different take on a philosopher at a famous Catholic blog, to reach those outside of The Church – then without notice, without a reason banned from making comments.
    He didn’t say anything negative; just desired to balance the take on the philosopher.
    What is interesting, is that he hears from this Catholic blogger leader and group that they welcome dialogue.
    Sometimes yes, comments that are openly aggressive or rude hinder Evangelization. But so does passive aggressive responses; and sometimes more painful since there is no ‘friend’ response – but a ‘you are not worthy to engage’ response.
    He offered this pain up to God for continued increase in responding personally to God’s Grace; and the painful ambiguity & crisis in the Church to be healed by the authentic clear Light of Christ.

  2. James Brock Jan 23, 2019

    Really enjoyed this WOF 163

  3. Steve Feb 5, 2019

    This was an especially insightful podcast. I specifically enjoyed Bishop Barron’s comments on the soul. The idea of a non-material existence is very difficult to comprehend. The images the Bishop presents give a very tangible way of wrapping one’s head around this very obtuse subject. God bless you in all your work

  4. shan aan Jul 15, 2021

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