How should Christians use social media? How can we escape its dangers (venomous rhetoric, echo chambers, etc.) and instead use these tools well? Bishop Barron offers his advice and shares how he personally uses these tools. A listener asks whether Bishop Barron is now part of the Intellectual Dark Web after speaking with Ben Shapiro and Dave Rubin.

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2 comments on “WOF 160: A Bishop’s Guide to Social Media

  1. Robert Courtemanche Dec 31, 2018

    Bishop Barron, my local pastor sees nothing positive about the internet. He often talks in his sermons about how many people he sees falling into sin because of the easy availability of pornography and other sinful content. What advice would you share as to how to help him see that the internet isn’t all evil?

  2. Andrea Jan 2, 2019

    Hey everyone listening, start praying for good fruits in this year’s upcoming meeting with Jordan Peterson 🕊️🙏