On Christmas Eve, the night before the great Solemnity of the Nativity of Jesus, Bishop Barron talks about the Incarnation. What do we mean by this? What do people often get wrong about the Incarnation? And how is the Incarnation extended throughout space and time? A listener asks about Buddha’s famous maxim, “Life is suffering.”

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One comment on “WOF 159: Understanding the Incarnation

  1. Michael Greenan Jan 5, 2019

    Great episode, since the Incarnation is essential in grasping the Trinity. I’d like to add that the Incarnation also makes me realize the importance of calling God “Father” and addressing Him in the masculine.

    God is spirit, without a sex, of course. But if the Son is “one in being” or “consubstantial” with the Father, then it makes sense to call the Father as Father, as opposed to Mother. Also, a human Mother plays a most vital & special & intimate role, as Mary is the Mother of the Incarnate Son.