The first annual Word on Fire Conference for Priests brought 300 Catholic priests to Huntington Beach, CA, for a three day reflection on the art of preaching. Bishop Barron delivered four talks, in addition to a talk by Dana Gioia, California’s state Poet Laureate, and the conference closed with a lively Q&A where priests asked Bishop Barron whatever questions they had about preaching. Today, we share the Q&A with you. Enjoy!

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5 comments on “WOF 142: Bishop Barron Q&A with 300 Priests

  1. Anne Mathias Aug 28, 2018

    Beautiful and inspiring. My father, age 82 was a victim of a violent sexual assault, kept secret. Now in the final stages of dementia, his emotional and spiritual suffering is unspeakable. Oddly, it feels like our little family is a microcosm of what is occurring in the Church. For years, each of us suffered deeply from an unnamed wound, especially my mother and our brother who ultimately took his own life. Nevertheless, grace abounds. The light is flooding in, and with much prayer we are able to lead my father back to his faith and ultimately to peace. It is a recurring battle and it is exhausting, yet what a sacred honor and gift it is. We are healing; our beloved Church will too.

  2. Therese Aug 29, 2018

    Interesting about the number 300!

  3. Emily Burns Aug 31, 2018

    I pray for all of you/with you every day and night. Thank You for answering to our amazing Gods call. May God bless us all. I love you all.

  4. I believe that the presence of holiness impacts a community in a positive and uplifting way-thank you for coming to Huntington Beach!
    When I heard you speaking about homiletics, and staying centered on the bible when sharing personal stories, I was happy. That needs to be heard when people today, priests included, are lost in themselves.
    Several years ago, I heard a homily about a dog and a vacation from a Pastor. I left mass feeling frustrated, because of the lack of Christocentricity, and purchased an annual subscription to a Homiletics journal for that Pastor.
    I subscribed to it too, to take that jouney of growth together, in a spiritual sense, and to keep myself grounded by remembering that public speaking/ teaching is not always easy.
    Thank you for coming to HB.

  5. Mrs. E. Koenig (Coreen) Sep 3, 2018

    When the preacher walks away from the main mike which works well and uses another one….I miss understanding most of the homily.