Listen to tales from the road as Bishop Barron discusses his recent film trip with Word on Fire Producer, Joseph Gloor. The team just wrapped production on the next two episodes of CATHOLICISM: The Pivotal Players, which feature Ven. Fulton Sheen and Flannery O’Connor. In today’s episode you’ll hear some anecdotes and insights Bishop Barron gathered over the course of this great American adventure. Word on Fire CEO, Father Steve Grunow, asks Bishop to explain the last two pivotal players on the list.

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Topics Discussed

  • 0:04 – Introduction
  • 1:45 – What did Bishop Barron think of Yaddo and his reaction to all the laypeople thanking him throughout the trip?
  • 6:30 – Who is the Pivotal Players film crew?
  • 11:15 – Hilary Clinton and the D.C. travel debacle
  • 13:30 – Savannah, Church politics, and another Bishop Barron meme
  • 19:45 – How are we celebrating 10 years of the CATHOLICISM series?
  • 20:30 – Flannery O’Connor’s countryside living, suffering, and sanctity
  • 25:20 – Where was the last shot in the film project?
  • 26:30 – Listener Question: Who are the remaining pivotal players and when will they be filmed?


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4 comments on “WOF 137: The “Pivotal Players” Filming Adventure

  1. mike kelly Jul 31, 2018

    how do feel about having a pathological liar for president who has made over 3000 misstadments of facts as preseident of our country.

  2. Vince Franco Aug 2, 2018

    Just a comment/question for the Word on Fire team. Having heard Bishop Barron talk about
    Flannery O’Connor and how she is a pivotal player in the faith, I decided to get one of her books
    and read her work. I read through 7 or 8 of her short stories and honestly wondered at the end of
    each story: what was the point of that? My question is: what am I missing that would make her a
    pivotal player of the faith? Of the stories I read (including A Good Man is Hard to Find), I
    would not have necessarily thought Flannery O’Connor was Christian, let alone Catholic.
    Perhaps I need to read more of her work, but I didn’t see the appeal or the link to the faith that would make her so pivotal. Thanks

  3. Joe Vuono Aug 3, 2018

    I purchased Volume I of Pivatol Players for our Cathedral Parish Adult Faith Formation- huge success each night. When will I be able to purchase Volume II?
    God Bless your exceptional work.
    Thank you
    Joe Vuono

  4. Juliana Aug 3, 2018

    Thank you, Vince Franco, I have the same thoughts/question. I read “A Good Man is Hard to Find” and “Good Country People”. I had to google a few articles that critiqued these short stories to learn what the moral was or the parallel to Christianity/Catholicism was to find some answers. There’s so much gloomy muck to plow through to find the “gem” that it doesn’t seem worth it. I also read Geranium and that’s when I decided to return the collection to the library. I don’t know what makes Flannery a “Pivotal Player” at all.