In this episode, Bishop Barron discusses the content of his great book, And Now I See. A listener asks about the role of our conscience in relation to Church teaching.

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Topics Discussed

  • 0:04 – Introduction, Bishop Barron’s trip to the National Eucharistic Congress in Atlanta.
  • 2:15 – What is the central crux of And Now I See?
  • 5:30 – Why is the idea of sight used to explain Christian transformation?
  • 7:40 – How does Dante reveal the “mind of fear” in all of us?
  • 13:45 – How does Thomas Merton reveal the “mind of trust” that comes from Christ?
  • 18:30 – How can a aggressive spirituality become a detriment to us?
  • 22:50 – How is the Incarnation the key to changing our vision?
  • 25:10 – What should we do if our conscience is at odds with Church teaching?


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6 comments on “WOF 133: And Now I See

  1. Arturo Jun 25, 2018

    Wonderful insight, as always by Bishop Barron. I’ve read a couple of Bishop Barron’s books, but not “And Now I See”; however, I have it on my counter top ready to read right after I’m done reading Paul Tillich’s “The Courage To Be”. Providential that I heard this podcast right before I read it. I will be able to approach it with a fuller and richer background, from the author himself. The ways of God. Thanks!

  2. Steve Jun 26, 2018

    Great Episode. Looking for to the book. I’ve heard Metanioa explained in Cursillo (means short course in Christianity), but not through the lens of church doctrine.

  3. Excellent.
    Personally, I had to arrive at the depths of despair (over and over) for me to realize that God, through The Lord Jesus Christ is searching for me; not the other way around. I suppose each time, He developed, by Grace, a better understanding of Him to higher plateaus. And yet, even though I had to fall from higher and higher plateaus, He never let me crash to the point of no return, a seared rationalizing conscience that would continually make excuses because of difficult circumstances. Yes, I work out my salvation in awe and reverence for God, with trebling that by my own freewill I could loose my salvation — but with rationalizations burned away in day to day existing by Grace; trust overpowers fear. I’m not saying that I’m without fear, but Grace received in cheerful obedience; deepens concerns for others; and gives a more humble confidence at His Thrown, and on Mission.
    ~ I would like to add; while I arrived to The Father from the son who wasted his inheritance, not realizing it (on getting tied up in unevenly yoked relationships – intertwined with Spiritual, emotional , and earthly provisions dependency – not on alcohol or substance abuse) – from a harsh youth experience that left me addicted to companionship apart from beginning them with prudent discernment. And each time, rationalizing devoutness with circumstance; with an intense fear of abandonment. And quite naturally – compassionate devoutness, if truly sought; will create a dichotomy, sometimes very harsh – with the realities one finds himself in with others.
    ___But I will add that, the son who stayed with his dad, in the story of the dad and two sons (as most of the world knows this story, we call ‘the prodigal son’) that the older son was just as deficient as the son who came back from a Spiritual stand point. We all must learn, by Grace, to be cheerful in due diligence to live in Covenant relationship with God; to love our neighbors as ourselves.
    ___Lastly, the Church has two sides; post conservatives and post liberals. They need one another to work integrally with each other to form a more ‘one mind,’ concerted ‘salt and light,’ voice to the world. It is very difficult to understand this with Godly affection for both sides. And we need to understand the urgency of now; with all the brokenness of young and old we encounter. Great hope comes from Ministries in The Church, like ‘You’re Amazing,’ ‘Ascension Presents,’ ‘Renewal Ministries,’ ‘Word on Fire,’ ‘Priests for Life,’ ‘Real Life Catholics,’ and many more (with the Ecumenical work in all culture of life things) . The Holy Spirit inspired John Paul ii to encourage an integral concerted compassionate assertive voice in every pastoral, educational, and ministry work of The Church. In, 2000 he applauded the efforts, and added that this remained fragmented. Why does it not only remain fragmented; but has so much reticence? The Church, therefore, souls would be better off; if we do as we were guided to do.
    The Light Shines in the darkness.
    God help us to be One as You, The Son Jesus Christ, and The Spirit are One; Eternally Triune, One God Forever and Ever.
    Peace and warm regards.

  4. Kimberly Jun 27, 2018

    Much food for thought, thank you. I have to listen to parts of this again to get the fullness of it, because my mind kept going to areas of my life that it touches, both past and present. Except the section from minute 13:45 to 22:50, right after “Perfect love casts out all fear,” which I have to listen to again because of the rescue cat, est. 8 years old, found last year near death with his face torn half off, probably by a coyote. He’s recovering well from his treatments, and he’s vicious. I mean think about it: He survived a coyote attack! He’s ferocious when he gets the urge to stalk his prey, which is often my feet, legs, and back. When you spoke that quote about perfect love, that was one of the things that came to mind, because if I didn’t glorify God by taking care of this animal He created, that cat would be dead. I know it’s not the poor animal’s fault. God made him cat, and he is good cat. We’re working on retraining him, but he was a wild cat for a long time. It was very soon after that quote, right before 13:45, that he attacked me, and I had to get up to give him appropriate toys to stalk and hunt. I will be back to listen to the parts I missed, along with different sections one at a time. Thank you for this teaching.

  5. Katherine Jul 2, 2018

    I couldn’t agree more with this talk. When I returned to my Catholic faith 6 years ago I had a head on collision with my realization that I am a creature. From that came extreme fear of all things. I’m also very prideful…I never knew what came first fear or pride but they do go hand in hand. My fear is nurtured by my image of a angry God who is always disappointed in me because I’m never perfect. Our minds are so strong and learning to shift from fear to trust is hard but when I achieve it for brief moments it’s feels like freedom. I know God will not invade our free will but if we are asking to not live in fear why will he not just remove the fear?

  6. pendy Apr 13, 2021

    you should read it i miss that book and I pray one day I will own it