Bishop Barron answers several questions from young listeners, ranging from three-year-olds to eight-year-olds, about God, Adam and Eve, and robbers. Enjoy this kids Q&A episode!

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Topics Discussed

  • 2:20 – Update about Word on Fire Institute video recording
  • 4:00 – Did Jesus really see his Father on the Cross?
  • 5:15 – Why did Peter deny Jesus three times?
  • 8:05 – Why didn’t God warn Adam and Eve about the serpent?
  • 13:00 – Why didn’t God make us perfect in the beginning?
  • 18:20 – Why did God make robbers?
  • 20:45 – Why did God make tigers?
  • 24:20 – How is it that God did not come into existence?


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5 comments on “WOF 128: Kids Q&A with Bishop Barron

  1. Katherine Pattison May 24, 2018

    I teach five year old children and I also asked them the question about why God made robbers. They said that God made them good but they turned bad all by them self. I also asked them about why God made tigers and they said beacause God created animals for the earth. The tiger was a beautiful animal that was very different then the rest. My children are like little theologians. They are like sponges when we talk about our Catholic faith.

  2. Andrew Joseph Villalobos May 24, 2018

    I am excited for that Word on Fire Institute lectures!

  3. Thank you for this Q&A with the kids. I think parish pages should share this show to send the message that children’s (faith) questions matter and that if the adults don’t know the answer (or the proper way to answer children,) well, send them to his excellency!

  4. John Donner May 26, 2018

    Bishop Barron,
    I have a question in regards to the “Did Jesus really see his Father on the Cross?” question posed in episode 128. You claimed Jesus did not see The Father with his physical eyes. How could a loving Father not be present to Jesus in his darkest hour in every way? Since God is a Trinity that cannot be separated, all Divine Persons have to be present at all times, especially on the Cross. Jesus and the Father are One. It seems to me He did see his Father through his bodily senses. I eagerly await your reply,
    John Donner

  5. Excellent! (I plea for the same understanding given to children
    for more educated persons in reading the following; for many reasons;
    although much life experience and things such reading books and Church documents;
    guided by commentaries of authoritative persons has me more educated than
    my former achievement of 75 credits with a 3.7 GPA in under graduate courses;
    I realize my writing needs improvement; but the ideas are sound, yes?)
    I liked every bit of it. The explanation of The Garden of Eden;
    was wonderful. Please consider when you explained further in relation to the
    immense suffering the martyrs went through to we adults the idea that you
    brought up of how God Created us to *protect* one another. Since you referred
    to event during World War II; there is a segue on how much of that immense
    suffering could have been averted had humanity (Adam & Eve); not that
    we had the same state of Grace at all; but the world could have learned
    from the causes of World War I, the ‘war to end all wars,’ couldn’t we have
    learned this? So in this analogy – we could learn something of Providence,
    predestination of how ‘All things work together for those who love
    [(truly of God’s good will with state of knowledge striving to live in
    Covenant relationship with Him)] vs. fatalism; over the decades to be more
    effective at sharing The Gospel?
    One of the most common ideas I see, in order to learn from the past;
    is the ‘watered down,’ dumb-ed down’, Christianity. Instead of bringing
    with compassion, in prudent steps to person’s brokenness The Divine Revelation;
    there was a tendency toward anthropomorphic concerns actually hinder true
    We know that our Mission is for souls. We know that shining Jesus’ Light
    on the hillside with true caring humankind needs leads more people to the
    Gospel than any other way. No, we don’t mean to reduce sharing The Gospel
    to some form of social work – (although there are forces in the world
    that use The Church’s resources for such things) – but we mean to shine
    the Light that we are their to protect one another and others; to bring
    out from hurting despair. Protection, protection, protection leads
    a person having trust – trust leads to finding the cause of this trust;
    namely Jesus Christ.
    OF THE ENCYCLICAL “EVANGELIUM VITAE”‘ on Monday Feb. 14, 2000
    inspired by The Holy Spirit, we were given a mission to form The Gospel
    of Life as an integral concerted effort in all pastoral and missionary
    works of the Chruch in all of it’s disciplines and resource — to form
    a vast ‘sign’ to the world so given over to the culture of death and the precepts
    and ideologies that formed this immense heartbreak in the world. But these
    efforts remain fragmented and even quieted with much reticence in many quarters.
    One of the areas John Paul ii exhorted was for this to be an integral part
    of education in the Church’s Institutions and parishes. Something that could
    help greatly, is a philosophical and theological thesis; giving for all
    educational levels on *solidarity* with not only the parents; but the children
    in the womb at every stage of development. Since science for the most part
    claims lack of knowledge on ‘the hard problem’ of consciousness; the we have
    the ability to be proactive on certain points. For example, since the
    historical preponderance of the evidence, and even more so in modern times;
    that near death experiences, (even rare ones of stoned cold dead for a day or more),
    that points that consciousness exists apart from the body. So consciousness
    integrates with the body. No one knows what a ‘soul’ is actually thinking
    at the instant of his or her creation. But every human person from his or her
    inception has an ardent, earnest, emphatic desire to live in God’s Providence.
    God left Jesus Christ in Providence to die an excruciating death for us.
    In order to bring His Kingdom more fully into this world for the sharing
    of The Gospel; we need to be His attendants — our brothers and sisters
    keepers — *protectors* — for the vast ‘sign’ that John Paul ii called
    us into mission and purpose. This would take a concerted effort at every
    level in The Church.
    Revisiting and zealously promulgating this call of The Gospel of Life;
    this ‘sign’ in the mission and purpose of The Church through many efforts
    such as increased awareness at every parish; increased educational efforts;
    real help like from Good Counsel Homes, Sisters of Life, and Co-workers of Life
    spread in a big way to every corner of The Church over time; raising awareness
    with fasting public prayer vigils to overcome the silence in communities;
    and much more — will start to overcome the reticence seen throughout The Church at the local levels — and with integrating the other efforts of the Church;
    foster and encourage involvement.
    Thank you for your time. Peace and warm regards.