Part two of Bishop Barron’s talk on Catholicism and beauty from the 2018 Los Angeles Religious Education Congress.


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4 comments on “WOF 126: Catholicism and Beauty (Part 2 of 2)

  1. Thank you Bishop Barron.
    So far I got the point of objective value and beauty.
    Children each a ‘Word’ of God has deep intrinsic beauty and value.
    Every single part of every single cell sculpted by God for the purpose
    of a created being a little lower than the Angels.
    I certainly would appreciate a work on this that includes the
    asceticism of a child. Isn’t there a great need in our society?
    Every baby brings
    into the world…
    A Song that has never been sung,
    A Hope that has never been quenched,
    A change to Love and be Loved,
    and complete faith in us for protection.
    – Richard Frostman
    Please find someone who could give such a beautiful talk.
    Peace and warm regards.

  2. Peace and warm regards.
    Supplemental. This talk made me realize what beauty
    led me to relationship with Christ Jesus.
    It is the immense beauty of the trust of a child to be protected
    and guided. This helped me to trust God in a more child-like
    obedient manner with my thoughts, prayers, words, and actions.
    With this, it is impossible to put into words the tears The Holy Spirit
    graces me with, a modicum of the intense grief of how little children
    in the world, only needed to grow to eventually be in the arms of a parent
    breathing the same fresh air with breath — held close to the heart;
    feeling one another’s warmth — growing day by day with the beauty
    of receiving warmth, care, guidance — shared laughter — so much joy.
    The day to day struggles while real, and sometimes intense realized
    to be part of loving this precious child who only a short time ago wasn’t
    even here. How beautiful and wonderful it is that God shares His care-giving,
    His self-giving with me to pass onto this wonderful tiny growing human being?
    This is greatly shared by Clergy, other care-givers, teachers, and anyone
    blessed with the responsibility of a child given to us by our Creator.
    N’est pas?

    • ooops I forgot to finish the thought… probably because it so unthinkable — how expendable these children are considered by the world. And how much we who have some idea on how much value God places on each child; how we should form a vast creative witness of one mind, sustained throughout Christendom to be able to encounter the world in a more effective way.

  3. Michael Greenan May 11, 2018

    I have no doubt that beauty can lead people to the transcendent. It happens to me all the time when I listen to a beautiful song or see a beautiful woman, etc. But when people get in touch with the transcendent and feel connected to it via the beautiful, are they able to connect that to God or Catholicism?