Bishop Barron answers several listener questions during this episode, ranging from classic education to the Great Story of Israel to living the faith while under persecution. Enjoy this listener Q&A episode!

Topics Discussed

  • 0:04 – Updates about Confirmation season
  • 2:00 – Video made by students at Bishop Sullivan High School (Virginia Beach, VA)
  • 5:00 – What do you think about the movement promoting Catholic classical education?
  • 7:40 – Does Psalm 23 demand some sort of prosperity Gospel (e.g., Joel Osteen)?
  • 11:00 – What books do you recommend to understand God’s relationship with Israel, and the Great Story?
  • 14:30 – What do make of the Scripture that says, “God did not do the evil he had been planning to do.” How should we read this?
  • 18:00 – What key topics and elements do you think every parish religious education program should have?
  • 22:15 – Is it possible to be gluttonous in the pursuit of knowledge about God? How do we address that?
  • 25:45 – What did John Paul II do to facilitate the downfall of communism?
  • 30:15 – Any advice for people living in places where you can’t outwardly practice your faith?

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2 comments on “WOF 124: Listener Q&A with Bishop Barron

  1. In response to the question from a listener about helping children see the path throughout scripture about Jesus, our family has found the “Jesus Storybook Bible” to be a very helpful resource.

  2. Deborah in Flagstaff Apr 28, 2018

    On JP11 and the fall of communism, I recently watched a compelling video series based on a book by Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC, both entitled Divine Mercy in the Second Greatest Story Ever Told.