In this episode, Bishop Barron recounts his visit to the headquarters of both Google and YouTube. He was there to deliver a talk to Catholic Googlers on “Religion and the Opening of the Mind.” He reflects on the hungering intellect and why wealth, power, pleasure, and honor all fail to satisfy its restless longings. A listener asks why Jesus didn’t appear to more people after his Resurrection.

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Topics Discussed

  • 0:04 – Introduction, Holy Week in Bishop Barron’s Santa Barbara pastoral region
  • 2:20 – What was Bishop Barron’s impression of the Google and YouTube offices?
  • 7:00 – Why did Bishop Barron choose the topic “Religion and the Opening of the Mind”?
  • 10:10 – How does Thomas Aquinas’s epistemology explain the “agent intellect”?
  • 13:40 – Why does Bishop Barron bring up Elijah and the priest of Baal while at Google?
  • 17:00 – Why can’t wealth, power, pleasure or honor be the greatest good?
  • 25:00 – What can satisfy the questing mind?
  • 32:30 – Question: After his Resurrection, why did Jesus show himself only to a few people and not to the Pharisees, Pontius Pilate, or to a large crowd?


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4 comments on “WOF 122: God at the Googleplex

  1. God Blessed us with Bishop Robert Barron conveying the Gospel
    in ways that are engaging to today’s secular humanist exalting pleasure culture. I’m truly grateful. I really wish to be a part of it,
    even in my financial lacking and undergraduate at 58 year old
    capacity. Wouldn’t this help my own communication to be more disciplined and effective?
    My ‘drug’ is seeking companionship. Looking back at my life,
    I can see how early childhood trauma left me with a fear of abandonment. A fear of confrontation. While I’ve learned to express what the Church Teaches without judging individuals only discerning ideologies, I gradually rationalize my behavior for lack of companionship with like minded believers, to have other companionship.
    God instills us with a
    craving for moral intimacy with other human beings.
    Yet, my life decisions, always lead me to dismal failure and loneliness. This pain is a blessing, and always leaves me with
    a firm purpose of amendment prodigal son experience to the fiber
    of my being.
    But with all my reaching out, my only companion with deep
    intimacy is God. Yes, God is Father to the fatherless. And Christ
    will bring me through this no matter what. But I have a need for
    online back and forth correspondence that can lead to my helping
    Evangelization and true friendship.
    Yes, I love the Word On Fire community. And I will continue to follow it. But so far, I cannot find a like minded person to exchange
    thoughts and ideas.
    God Bless you.

  2. Rob Dubois Apr 11, 2018

    The mind is a search engine. Outstanding! This whole conversation is the best eye opener for those on the fence about God. Just like when Bishop Barron told us about how communing with the saints is like how satellite, cell and wifi signals allow us to commune across a planet. Awesome insights!