The Academy Awards are just around the corner and nine films have been nominated for Best Picture. Bishop Barron has seen seven of them, and in this episode, he shares his thoughts on each. A listener asks whether free will is essential to Christianity.

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Topics Discussed

  • 0:04 – Discussing Billy Graham’s death and legacy
  • 5:00 – Dunkirk
  • 8:40 – Darkest Hour
  • 13:30 – Get Out
  • 16:10 – Lady Bird
  • 21:25 – The Post
  • 24:10 – The Shape of Water
  • 27:00 – Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
  • 30:10 – Listener question: How essential is the concept of free will to Christianity?

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8 comments on “WOF 116: Bishop Barron on the Oscar Best Picture Movies

  1. Laura Giles Feb 26, 2018

    I thought Bishop Barron’s observation about the Flannery O’Connor connection in Three Billboard’s was great — and perhaps is even stronger then he, after identifying it, suspects. The letters sent from the Sheriff to the mother of the murdered girl and the young dysfunctional cop are encouraging, inspiring for both and transformative for the young would-be detective. There are also small touches of grace as in the Frances McDormand character encouraging her abusive ex-husband to be kind to the young woman who replaces her in her husband’s life. Finally, there is the final scene where the vigilante duo are out to threaten/kill someone who is, reprehensible, but probably not the murderer of the daughter. They hesitate about acting out their misguided search for justice. I think the Frances McDormand character can hesitate at that moment because she finally has a compatriot who cares as much about her daughter’s death as she does — the solidarity in love that the Sheriff had encouraged in him as the key to being a great detective. Thanks for noticing the key to grace that IS in the movie.

  2. James Feb 26, 2018

    Does not a bishop have better things to do than watching and reviewing movies? Billy Graham’s message was simple, to the point, but powerful. I think your movie reviews encourage people to go see the movies. As Catholics, I think we have better things to do.
    Vivat Jesus!

    • James, it’s called evangelization. It’s what all Catholics should be doing. Your criticism of Bishop Barron is embarrassing.

      • Good call John,
        If the flock is attending and affected by movies, the shepherd needs to be aware and comment to protect the flock.

      • Nadia Bruce Mar 3, 2018

        Upon Bishop Barron recommendation, I went with a friend to see Lady Bird. Being a mother of a 29 years daughter, I learned from the movie. Also I learned there is hope for healing relationships. Thank you Bishop for being all inclusive. Everything that happens here on earth may lead to an increase in faith in Christianity.

      • Nadia Bruce Mar 3, 2018


    • Nadia Bruce Mar 3, 2018

      That’s is precisely Bishop job. To bring people to the church. Even if it means reviewing and recommending movies. Thank you Bishop Robert Barron. You are much loved.

  3. Nadia Bruce Mar 3, 2018

    Upon your recommendation, I went with a friend to see Lady Bird. Being a mother of a 29 years dayghter, I learned from the movie. Also I learned there is hope for healing and for an increase in FLC.