At Mundelein Seminary you’ll find a statue of St. George slaying a dragon, below which reads, “Athleta Christi Nobilis” — the Noble Athlete of Christ. As we head into the spiritual desert of Lent, we benefit by examining the lives of saints who courageously embraced a life of profound asceticism and self-sacrifice. In this episode of the Word on Fire Show, Bishop Barron discusses three great spiritual athletes from across the centuries. A listener asks how to remain charitable when you disagree with your interlocutor.

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Topics Discussed

  • 0:04 – Introduction, the Churchill movie
  • 2:45 – What is a spiritual athlete?
  • 6:25 – Why is St. Anthony of the Desert a great spiritual athlete?
  • 9:55 – Is there something wrong with living your entire life in the desert?
  • 12:25 – What can Thomas Merton teach us about the purpose of asceticism?
  • 16:45 -Why is St. John of the Cross a great spiritual athlete?
  • 20:00 – What is the Dark Night of the Soul?
  • 24:30 – Why is Pier Giorgio Frassati a great spiritual athlete?
  • 28:25 – Listener Question: How might we remain charitable with someone with whom we passionately disagree?

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3 comments on “WOF 114: Three Great Spiritual Athletes

  1. Mary alfilef Feb 14, 2018

    Hungry for the word. Listen to all iTunes, am signed up for full access, and pray the Bishop Barron keeps preaching. He’s on a roll. Have a fruitful lento.

  2. Patricia Anderson Feb 17, 2018

    I enjoy these talks, so thought provoking. The question at the end from the listener about disagreeing and yet being chartible really is so timely. Generally today people dismiss people they disagree with or worse yet, become hostile.

  3. Another good one, thank you