As we move deep into Lent, the liturgical season of “going into the desert”, Bishop Barron explains why these 40 days are needed and meaningful. He unveils the season’s biblical basis and offers practical advice on celebrating it well. A listener asks how to respond to secular critics of Mother Teresa, such as the late atheist polemicist, Christopher Hitchens.

Topics Discussed

  • 0:25 – Update on Bishop Barron’s Spanish lessons
  • 1:58 – Why are people drawn to Ash Wednesday and Lent?
  • 3:57 – What’s the purpose of Lent and where did it come from?
  • 5:34 – What significance do the “40 days” have?
  • 6:02 – Desert people throughout the Bible
  • 10:03 – First temptation of Jesus in the desert
  • 13:01 – Second temptation of Jesus in the desert
  • 16:25 – Third temptation of Jesus in the desert
  • 20:15 – The persistence of spiritual warfare
  • 21:48 – Practical recommendations for Lent
  • 25:23 – Great books to read during Lent
  • 27:03 – Bishop Barron’s favorite “life of Christ” books
  • 28:28 – Question from listener: how to respond to critics of Mother Teresa?

Bonus Resources

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6 comments on “WOF 011: Into the Desert of Lent

  1. roselongley Feb 23, 2016

    no comment

  2. Esther Guzman Feb 24, 2016

    I enjoyed this podcast very much… gave me something to think about during this Lenten season and everyday.

    Thank you. Esther

  3. Maria de la luz rubio guerrero Feb 25, 2016

    Padre por favor podría enviarme los videos en el idioma español, no entiendo el inglés.

  4. Margaret baker Feb 28, 2016

    Thankyou for all you teach us

  5. Jakub Feb 28, 2016

    This comment is rather a question for the makers of the podcast. I have noticed there is no transcript of the show available. Hence the question: are you thinking of providing it in the future? My reason is not that I need it, but I would love to translate this content of this show (and perhaps future ones as well) to my mother tongue (i.e. Slovak) and share it with Catholics of my own country: having a transcript would be an immense aid to translate it much faster. In any case, could you contact me through my email to talk a bit more about your openness to the idea of translating it (with or without the transcript )? It is a brilliant project whose seeds should be planted in as many hearts as possible. Much obliged for the podcast and all the best with the future episodes.

  6. Cynthia A. Fonseca Mar 5, 2016

    Dear Barron,

    You are so right on. Your comments on this particular podcast about Lent give a clear picture of what we should do and why. Thank you for your candid response regarding Mother Teresa. It frustrates me to hear such negative criticism of such holy woman. God bless you for your work!!

    Cynthia F.