WOF 238: Door Knobs and Sticks

Today we share a sample lesson from Fr. Stephen Gadberry’s course inside the Word on Fire Institute titled “The People You Will Meet.” Knowing your audience is very important in effective evangelization. In this course,... Read More

WOF 237: Distraction and Useless Things

 We’re all hyper-distracted, pulled in so many directions from our phones, to TV, to social media. We’re plagued by notifications, texts, pings, and alerts. Why do we put up with all these distractions? How... Read More

WOF 235: The Story of Salvation

 If you aren’t familiar with the sweeping story of salvation, the “theo-drama,” you won’t fully grasp any particular part of the story. Today, Bishop Barron unveils the five acts of the biblical drama: Creation,... Read More