WOF 220: Entering the Desert of Lent

 With the beginning of Lent right around the corner, Brandon Vogt and I talk about this ancient period of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving in preparation for Easter, and offer several recommendations on how to... Read More

WOF 219: Stoicism and Christianity

 Stoicism is experiencing a cultural moment, especially among Millennial techies. What is this ancient school of philosophy? Why is it seeing a revival today? And how does it compare to Christianity? Bishop Barron discusses... Read More

WOF 218: The Intellectual Life

 How did Bishop Barron get drawn into the life of the mind? What are his reading and writing habits like? In this episode, he discusses the intellectual life and gives advice to aspiring intellectuals.... Read More

WOF 216: “1917,” War, and Faith

The hit movie 1917 vividly depicts the horrors of World War I, including its great spiritual peril. In this episode, Bishop Barron reflects on the Great War, discussing its impact on twentieth-century theology and philosophy,... Read More